Spring Lovers Gazebo

well gazebo_001

Romantic animations, materials enable, animated water with normals.

29 land impact, pergect for your romantic sets.

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E-mesh: Bunker, control room and laboratory

bunker vendor

This building is inspired on soft science fiction architecture, as the tales of Jupiter Ascending, John Carter, star wars, Thor (Valhalla palace), among others. You can use this module in space, land or underground, just ad bridges and passageways to connect your ideas.

Footprint = 30×30
Land Impact = 294
All textures are baked in 3d design computer program.
Material enable.

IMPORTANT: You need to enable Advanced illumination to see materials (normal maps and shininess).

The Sci Fi bunker includes:

Shell = 85 LI
3 Gates = 12 LI each one.
Laboratory table = 8 LI
5 arm chairs = 2 LI each one.
Recycling basket = 2 LI
Healing Tank = 11 LI
Storage trunks = 3 LI
Cryogenic Hibernation Capsule = 4 LI
2 Medical Gurney = 4 LI each one
2 surgical Operation Gurney = 6 LI each one
Surgical Operation Panel = 2 LI
Quarantine security door = 12 LI
Captain Chair = 6 LI
2 Armchair = 3 LI
2 Control Panel = 4 LI
installations = 6 LI
Holographic Board = 4 LI
Concilium Meeting Table 2 LI
Multi Interface station = 9 LI
Server Room control panel = 1 LI
Server Room Equipment = 8 LI

Almost all monitors have menus to change textures, just click on the monitor you want to change and explore the options.


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SCI Fi room

We are working hard on the space station and here is some of the equpment we have made.

Concilium meeting table and multi interface center. With 8 animated screen options and 8 still maps.

concilium meeting table

Control panel, With 8 animated screen options.

control panel

The hollographic boar can display 3 diferente 3d maps over the board.

hollographic board

The captain chair and simple chair.

sci fi chairs

and the server room equipment.server room

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E-mesh: Vintage Beach Cabin

E-mesh Vintage Beach Cabin_006

E-mesh Vintage Beach Cabin_002

Living room 
Large couch (8 land impact, 166 animations)
Single sofa (4 land impact, 36 animations)
Outdoor Storage Boat (6 land impact, no scripted)
Outdoor Boat Coffee Table (4 land impact, no scripted)
Outdoor Boat Side Table (4 land impact, no scripted)

Sailor large Couch

SOLO 17 animations
FRIENDS 14 animations
ROMANCE 53 animations
LESBIAN 20 animations
EXPLORE 21 animations
WOT 16 animations
MOT 4 animations
WILDSEX 21 animations
ANAL 17 animations

Sailor Single Couch

SOLO 19 animations.
ROMANCE 49 animations.

E-mesh Vintage Beach Cabin_003

Dining room
Table 13 LI
Simple Chair 1 LI
Chair with Fabric 3 LI
Small bookcase 5 LI
Large bookcase 4 LI
Lamp 1 LI
Shelf 6 LI
Carpet 5 LI

You will find all animations just sitting in the carpet (adult).
Adult versions have:
3 solo animations.
11 romantic animations.
14 foreplay animations.
30 sexual animations.

integral kitchen 22 LI


Romance: 25 animations

Foreplay: 11 animations

Sex: 25 animations

E-mesh Vintage Beach Cabin_004

Vintage Bed

This two menus contains 10 animations to being alone in the bed: Reading, sleeping, modeling and more (no adults animations).

This menu contains 31 couple poses, Talking, being side by side, reading, sleeping, kissing, spooning and more.

21 animations just for Girls

It’s a sequence to have a good and controlled sex scene. 17 stances of the same sexual act, Completely E-mesh Creation and designed for role players.

16 animations

16 animations

A small collection of 26 sexual animations created by E-mesh and others stores like: X-clusive, Low Industry among others.

9 animations.

E-mesh Vintage Beach Cabin_005

Vintage Clawfoot Bathtub

singles 11 animations
cuddles 38 animations
start 8 animations
adult 17 animations


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