E-mesh: Arabic Medieval Bed

arabic medieval bed

This is a new revamp, the old arabic Bed was sculpt 20 land impact and now is mesh and 16 land impact wotj more animations and better animations.

Carved antique bed in Arabic medieval style. Using the finest woods and fabrics, this bed is the perfect central piece of any beautiful room. Perfect for a castle or a Moroccan home.


This two menus contains 10 animations to being alone in the bed: Reading, sleeping, modeling and more (no adults animations).

This menu contains 28 couple poses, Talking, being side by side, reading, sleeping, kissing, spooning and more.

Woman on top
Riding, cowgirl and more. 17 sexual animations with girls on top.

Man on top
10 animation with men on top, missionary, drill, deck, and more.

7 animations with blow jobs, scarf, thong.

A small collection of 25 sexual animations created by others stores like: X-clusive, Low Industry among others.

4 diferent styles of anal sex.

Marketplace, mainstore


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