E-mesh: Tree of Love

Tree of Love 01

This tree was made for my own house. I wanted to have a nice place to spend time with an special person, but the result has liked us so much that we want to share. The foliage is shaped as a red heart and you can ad your own capital letters of your name if you want to do (just using Photo shop or some image editor).

Its 19 land ipmact plus 6 more to rez optional rugs.

Tree of Love 02


This tree are designed to be used with a rug if the ground are not friendly. Rez Rug 1 (6 LI) with Friends and Romantic Menus, and Rug 2 to use with adult animations.

Tree of Love 03

Tree of Love 04


101 animations options.

This product is 19 LAND IMPACT plus 6 LI for optional Rugs (ALL MESH), AVsitter scrip. All textures are unique and baked (pre-rendered) in a 3d computer program in 1024 or 512 pixels resolution.

Tree of Love 05

you can find this product on Marketplace, and our mainstore


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