E-mesh re-edited Cave


This Cave was made for Genre prehistoric round last year, but… because you ask for it, this time the sabertoth and giant actotherium skin was removed to bring you a simple romantic stance with 172 of our better animations for couples (and a few single).

Sex, cuddles, lesbian, stand sex, submarine sex and more. Yust try it at the main store Demo are. Take the taxy on bildings room.

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E-mesh News…Releases, releases and more releases.


This month E-mesh store us participating in Truth or Dare Fairem ans these are our exclusive items. From minimalist Houses, to sofas and romantic couch.

This year we made more and better anitarions, and more and unique pieces with amazing textures, all Baked.

Truth or dare is a wide world sales event by Evil Bunny productions.

Plus, you can find on this event, two new gachas made by E-mesh. Completely original and exclusive. But this tome are !Clothes! Yes Biker clothes with a little of cyberpunk style. Catch them all!

Truth or dare:

From Feb 4th to 28th. Taxy Here.

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