E-mesh New Releases

With the occasion of the opening of the “expo home & garden” for Relay for Life. We have prepared extra items to complete the minimalist set. Alternative dining table, wine store and Shelves.

dining set

wine storage

multipurpose shelf

auxiliar shelf

With the same care that we always put to our products, helping the economy of prims without sparing in quality.


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E-mesh in Home & Garden Expo.

E-mesh are proud to announce we are participating in the “Expo home & garden” for relay for life Second Life.

The Home and Garden Expo raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and RFL of SL is one of its virtual counterparts. You can find more information about RFL of SL at http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/

Expo exhibitors are required to have two 100% donation items at the Expo. These items must be new and exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event.

This year’s event will run from May 19th to June 4th and we has made a lot of new items for this importante event.

Minimalist dining

Dining Set Is composed by five parts:

1.- E-mesh: Minimalist Dining Table:
– 2 land impact
– 2 versions, PG and Adult.
Adult versions have:
3 solo animations.
11 romantic animations.
14 foreplay animations.
30 sexual animations.

2.- E-mesh: Minimalist Chair:
– 2 land impact.
– 2 versions, PG and Adult.
Adult versios have:
14 solo animations
4 romantic animations,
11 foreplay animations.
10 sexual animations
14 animations in sequence called sick love.

3.- E-mesh: Dinnerware set (Ramen dish)
– 2 land impact.
– 4 textres for ramen soup.
– 4 textures for tablecloths.

4.- Dining table decoration,
– 5 land impact (just decorative)

5.- E-mesh: Minimalist Credenza.
– 7 land impact.
– Contains 2 buttons to change texture of chais and wood of complete set.

Minimalist Kitchen_005

Minimalist Kitchen is composed by two parts, Kitchen isle, and fridge/microwave cabinet. Each item comes with own animation set.

1.- E-mesh: Fridge and Microwave oven.
-This item have 12 land impact and contains 24 couple animations. Romantic and Sexual.

2.- E-mesh: Minimalist Kitchen.
-This item have 20 land impact and contains 36 couple animations. Romantic and sexual.

Texture changer Button

To change the texture of Kitchen and dining set, just press one of two buttons located on the left side or microwave oven and credenza left side.  You will get a menu to select light or dark wood.


Home & Garder web Site

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E-mesh Marketplace

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E-mesh on Home & Garden Sim.


Genre May round Sci-Fi

green house_pic

Is not my fisrt SCI-FI work but is the first i feel proud. Yeah! we made this greenhouse for Genre sales event and i wanted to do a 100% original and perfect handcrafted piece. So i spend a lot of time refining textures and geometry. I hope you like it.

Its composed by 3 separated pieces:

-Greenhouse building module (25 land impact)

-Farming pots (41 land impact with 4 types of plants in two  Level of growth)

-Eclipse Couch (9 land impact, with PG animations)

17 solo animations.

15 friendy animations.

47 romantic animations.

11 F/F animations.

This product will be available at May 15 to Jun 13 in Genre.


Available at May 15th