Pirates is the Agust Theme

For genre jul-ago round we made this nice Seafaring bedroom set. Composed by 3 pieces.

Rudder, decorative.

Dresser, decorative with finctional lamp.

Bed, 12 land impact and 146 animations.

The best is the price. 30% discount.

Genre is a monthly event in Second Life highlighting the different genres within SL.

genre seafaring vendor


Keeping the theme, we made this complemente small set to Skull-n-Bones: The Pirate Hunt 5.

sea faring gift_001

Dates: Aug 6 – Sept 6, 2017

Cost: 2L per prize for hunters. Merchant keeps all money.

62 stores – Our hunts are arranged in paths of no more than 24 stores each and hunters have let us know they love being able to do the hunt in smaller chunks.

Start Location: Has traditionally been Kastle Rock Couture, but KRC is a female only prize so lets say the starting point is Mirage Treasure Co.



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