E-mesh: Sci-Fi Temple

Heptopus temple pic

This building is inspired on soft science fiction sacred architecture, as the tales of Jupiter Ascending, John Carter, star wars, Thor (Valhalla palace), among others. Can be used as a throne room, futuristic church or the enclosure of a secret society of magicians in the 22nd century.

Footprint = 40×30
Land Impact = 125
All textures are baked in 3d design computer program.
Has normal maps and Shininess map.

IMPORTANT: You need to enable Advanced illumination to see materials.

Marketplace, mainstore, Flickr.


And Now… E-mesh has a new home

I would like to announce happily and exited this notice, but the real situation is, im tired. We had to move the store, again, because we needed more capacity and prims.

But always is a good oportunity to make it better and better.

This is our new home.

Mirror Lake_002

I feel happy after seeing the result, after all.

Mirror Lake_003.png

By the way, you can find this group gift on landing point of sim. Don’t miss it.

Taxy here.


E-mesh New Releases

With the occasion of the opening of the “expo home & garden” for Relay for Life. We have prepared extra items to complete the minimalist set. Alternative dining table, wine store and Shelves.

dining set

wine storage

multipurpose shelf

auxiliar shelf

With the same care that we always put to our products, helping the economy of prims without sparing in quality.


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